The 10 Best Military Friendly Online MBA Programs


The number of colleges and universities offering a military friendly MBA has increased dramatically over the last decade, and will continue to do so. In the past, members of the military had to overcome great difficulties while pursuing their education, such as going on deployments or being transferred to another state or country. Now, military MBA programs are making it easier to earn a degree from any location with an internet connect and at any time of day. Here are the ten best online military MBA programs.

Note: All costs are current as of the 2012-2013 academic year, and are subject to change without notice. Costs do not include mandatory fees, books or supplies.

10. Western Governors University

Program: WGU’s program of study requires 30 units (equivalent to credit hours) and emphasizes five main areas of study: business values, innovation, leadership, management and relationships. Unlike most schools, grades are assigned as pass/not pass.

Costs: $3,250/term

Selling points: Tuition is a flat-fee, whether the student attends full-time or part-time.

9. Grantham University

Program: Students can choose a general MBA or emphasize in Project Management or Information Management. Each program requires 36 credit hours for completion.

Costs: $325/credit ($250/credit after scholarship for military members)

Selling points: GU has been honored for many years as a top military-friendly school for both active duty military and veterans. This university actively participates in many military education programs, and offers a grant to offset the costs of software programs and textbooks.

8. University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

Program: The MBA program at UCCS requires 48 credit hours for completion. Students may be transfer up to 12 credits of eligible core courses. It is required to enroll in five mandatory elective classes, which can be used to develop an emphasis area. Students in the distance education program may select one of nine emphasis areas.

Costs: $8,546/12-credits residents ($9,192/12-credits non-resident)

Selling points: UCCS participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, and is ranked as one the best buy online degrees. This program has a large number of emphasis areas.

7. Ball State University

Program: The 30 credit hour MBA program at BSU can be completed in one year of full-time study. Students must choose two electives from a wide range of course offerings which include: Health Economics, Global Security and Entrepreneurship.

Costs: $388/credit resident ($756/credit non-resident)

Selling points: BSU is considered a military-friendly school by G.I. Jobs, and has held this honor for three consecutive years.

6. Hawaii Pacific University

Program: A minimum of 42 credit hours are required for an online MBA at HPU. Students have the opportunity to concentrate in one of four emphasis areas: Information Systems, International Business, Management or Organizational Change and Development. Student may also choose not to specialize and use elective credits to meet their personal needs.

Costs: $13,770/year

Selling points: Honored as a military-friendly school by G.I. Jobs. HPU participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

5. Southern New Hampshire University

Program: SNHU’s 39 credit hour online MBA can be completed in less than two years with full-time study. In addition to obtaining a strong foundation in business, students may specialize in any of over 20 emphasis areas including Forensic Accounting, Sports Management and Internet Marketing. SNHU’s program has significantly more concentration areas than other MBA programs.

Costs: $1,881/course ($627/credit)

Selling points: SNHU was awarded the Best of Business award. The program has a wide variety of emphasis areas and should appeal to many applicants.

4. St. Leo University

Program: The online MBA at SLU requires 36 credit hours and may be completed in one-year of full-time study. However, students are allowed up to five years to complete their degree. Each academic year has six eight-week terms, allowing increased flexibility for entering the program. This program offers six concentration areas and, upon approval, students may concurrently pursue two areas.

Costs: $651/credit ($496/credit for Active Duty Military)

Selling points: SLU is a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, and was honored by U.S. News and World Reports as one of the best regional universities of the south. SLU is one of the leading universities for military enrollment and is recognized as one of the most military-friendly schools. They have a long heritage of understanding the complex situations members of the military face when pursuing their education.

3. Drexel University

Program: Drexel’s accredited two-year program allows students to attend school on a part-time basis and receive comparable education to students attending the on-campus program. This program requires 51 credit hours and two residencies.

Costs: $58,000 (total program)

Selling points: Drexel is an AACSB accredited program and participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. The LeBow College of Business at Drexel was awarded the honor of having the best part-time program, according to Businessweek. Active Duty military may be eligible to attend the program tuition-free.

2. Penn State University

Program: Penn State offers students an accredited two-year, 48 credit hour program that emphasizes both coursework and teamwork. Students use various modes of online communication to build virtual teams. This emphasis on communication not only enhances applicable skills, but offers interactions similar to an on-campus environment. Unlike most online MBA programs, Penn State requires students to participate in two week-long residencies, where students and faculty have the opportunity to interact with one another in-person.

Costs: $7,414/term ($59,312/total program)

Selling points: Penn State is an AACSB accredited program that participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. The university has been honored by numerous organizations, including G.I. Jobs, as a military-friendly school.

1. Washington State University

• The best combination of being a highly-regarded and cost-effective program.
• WSU’s faculty members are well-rounded and bring years of unique experiences to the program.

Program: This accredited, online MBA program can be completed in two years of full-time study. WSU’s program has a strong emphasis on innovation and developing leadership potential in students.

Costs: $11,736 resident ($15,026 non-resident)

Selling points: WSU is an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accredited program. Active duty military can receive in-state tuition rates, if stationed in Washington. In 2010, WSU was honored as a military-friendly school by G.I. Jobs, and holds the honor of having a business program that is considered one of the top 290 by The Princeton Review.