US Air Force Scholarships

The Air Force offers a number of scholarships to high school students who would like to get help paying for their post-secondary education costs. It also has a scholarship program which helps enlisted personnel who want to qualify for a promotion to commissioned officer status.

Before applying for a scholarship, a prospective student should review the program criteria carefully. Some scholarships are used mainly to fund technical programs and others have an annual funding limit.

ROTC Air Force Scholarships for High School Students

The Air Force Type 1 Scholarship covers the full cost of college tuition for a four-year program. It also pays up to $900 per year for books and most fees associated with going to school. About five percent of scholarship recipients are offered Type 1 funding and in most cases, students are enrolled in a technical program.

A Type 2 Scholarship is used to fund a three or four-year post-secondary educational program. It pays for tuition and fees up to a cap of $18,000 per annum. It also provides up to $900 per year to cover the cost of books. If a student attends a school where tuition costs more than the $18,000 annual funding limit, he or she is responsible for paying the difference personally.

Another scholarship program offered to high school students interested in enlisting in the Air Force is a Type 7. This option provides funding up to the amount charged to in-state students at a public school. This scholarship also pays up to $900 per year for books.

All ROTC Scholarship recipients are paid a stipend for each month they spend in school. Four year scholarship funding starts at the beginning of the recipient’s freshman year. Three-year ones start to provide money at the start of the student’s sophomore year.

A high school student who applies for an ROTC Scholarship is not obligated to serve in the Air Force. A student who accepts the scholarship funds is required to serve a minimum of four years active duty after graduation.

Air Force ROTC Enlisted Scholarships

Air Force personnel who are U.S. citizens and have served for at least one year can apply for one of the enlisted scholarships available to them. The ASCP scholarship allows eligible active duty personnel to receive up to $15,000 to complete a college degree program.

The Professional Officer Course – Early Release Program (POC-ERP) allows enlisted personnel to leave active duty early so that they can enrol in an ROTC program and attend college on a full-time basis. This program is only offered for Bachelor’s degree programs. After completing the degree program, the graduate is commissioned as a second lieutenant and is required to serve four years active duty.

Air Force scholarships are available to high school students who are interested in enlisting after completing a degree as well as active duty personnel who want to qualify for a promotion to a commissioned officer in the Service. In each case, scholarship recipients are required to complete a minimum of four years of active duty service after completing their degree program.

More Air Force Scholarship Resources

Below we have listed additional resources for specific members of the US Air Force.