Scholarships for National Guard Veterans

National Guard veterans who want to pursue higher education after leaving the Service may be eligible for several scholarship programs. Some of them are available to veterans nationwide who meet the criteria set by the plan administrators. Other available sources of funding are offered to former Guardsmen who choose to attend a particular school.

In all cases, anyone who is interested in being considered for this type of financial aid should make a point of reviewing the eligibility criteria carefully to ensure that they meet each one before taking the time to apply for funding. A person who either doesn’t meet the criteria exactly or who fails to include all the required documentation with his or her application form will not be considered at all. [Read more…]

National Guard Scholarships for Dependent Children

Dependent children of National Guardsmen are eligible to apply for special scholarship funding. A number of programs have been established to help pay for the cost of a post-secondary education. Interested individuals should make sure they are eligible for funding before submitting an application.

ThanksUSA Scholarship Program

The ThanksUSA Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to dependent children (under the age of 24) who want to pursue a two-or four-year degree program at a college, university or vocational school. A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 is required to be considered for a scholarship. [Read more…]