Scholarships for Dependent Children of Air Force Personnel

Dependent children of airmen and women can get help to pay for the cost of pursuing a post-secondary degree. Some programs are offered only to dependents of those who were killed or disabled while serving their country, while others are awarded based on the recipient’s personal characteristics or on demonstrated financial need. Scholarship programs are recognizing that not all people going to school pursue their education goals in an on-campus program, and funding for online degree programs is now being offered in some cases.

Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund

Freedom Alliance provides scholarship funds to dependent children (under the age of 26) of Airmen (as well as soldiers, sailors, Marines and Guardsmen) who died or became permanently disabled on an operational mission or in a training accident. Individual awards are made based on the recipient’s demonstrated need and the scholarships may be renewed for up to three years (four years funding in total). The money received under this program may be used toward the following expenses: [Read more…]

Scholarships for Dependent Children of Marine Corps Personnel

A number of academic scholarship programs provide financial aid to dependent children of active duty Marines or veterans. Some scholarships are only available to dependents of those who gave their lives for their country or who were disabled in action. Other sources of funding can be accessed by children of Marines who are on active duty or who have been honorably discharged.

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation offers scholarships to children of active duty U.S. Marines or veterans who were honorably discharged, wounded or killed in action. The maximum adjusted family income for recipients of this source of post-secondary school funding is $90,000 per year. [Read more…]

Coast Guard Scholarships for Dependent Children

Children of active duty or retired Coast Guard members who need help to pay for the cost of a post-secondary education may be eligible for scholarship assistance. Not all scholarships are offered to students who have achieved outstanding marks in school. Some scholarship funds are offered to applicants based on financial need, and others are awarded based on other criteria, including the applicant’s personal characteristics and stated goals.

Some Coast Guard scholarships are specifically offered to dependent children of Coast Guard Reservists. Others are used to benefit young people whose parents died in the service of their country. [Read more…]