Scholarships for National Guard Veterans

National Guard veterans who want to pursue higher education after leaving the Service may be eligible for several scholarship programs. Some of them are available to veterans nationwide who meet the criteria set by the plan administrators. Other available sources of funding are offered to former Guardsmen who choose to attend a particular school.

In all cases, anyone who is interested in being considered for this type of financial aid should make a point of reviewing the eligibility criteria carefully to ensure that they meet each one before taking the time to apply for funding. A person who either doesn’t meet the criteria exactly or who fails to include all the required documentation with his or her application form will not be considered at all.

Dr. Aurelio M. Caccomo Family Foundation Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is administered by the AMVETS National Service Foundation. One scholarship in the amount of $3,000 will be awarded each year. It is offered to veterans, including former National Guard members, who are pursuing a post-secondary education program so that they can gain employment skills. The funds can be used toward the cost of obtaining a certificate or undergraduate degree. Online education programs are eligible for this scholarship funding.

Pat Tillman Foundation Scholarships

Tillman Military Scholarships are available to veterans, including former members of the National Guard. Funding is provided to cover the cost of obtaining a degree (tuition and fees). Beneficiaries of this scholarship also receive financial support to pay for housing and child care expenses (if needed).

Applicants for this scholarship program must be able to demonstrate a record of service to their community and a commitment to continuing serving others in that manner. The applicant’s personal achievements and education goals are also considered when determining whether to award a scholarship.

Part of applying for this scholarship is to submit two personal essays. The Selection Committee reviews them carefully. Successful scholarship applicants are people who provide compelling answers in this part of the application.

These scholarships can be renewed for each year the beneficiary is enrolled as a full-time student. A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) must be maintained for the beneficiary to continue receiving funding. Documentation of continued community service is required.

University of Phoenix Scholarship for Veterans

The University of Phoenix offers 50 scholarships to military veterans, including Guardsmen, in the amount of $7,000 each. The credit can be used toward the cost of an on-campus or online course. Undergraduate and Master’s degree programs can be funded from this scholarship program.

Scholarship funds can help to make the cost of attending a post-secondary institution more affordable. They can be used to supplement military education benefits and federal student loan programs. Potential scholarship recipients should keep in mind that they are not required to pay back scholarship money. It’s a gift to the student, and some programs are very generous in that they provide money to cover tuition as well as living expenses for the recipient.