Scholarships for Marine Corps Veterans

Former Marines who want to pursue higher education may qualify for scholarship funds from different programs. The GI Bill and other education benefits available to veterans may not be enough to fully cover the cost of obtaining a degree, and scholarships can help to make up the difference.

Marines’ Memorial Scholarship Program

The Marines’ Memorial Scholarship Program is available to active members of the Association. Dependent children and grandchildren of active members are also eligible to apply for this financial aid. Ten scholarships in the amount of $5,000 and 12 scholarships of $2,500 each are offered annually.

AFCEA Military Personnel/Dependents Scholarships

AFCEA Military Personnel/Dependent Scholarships are offered to veterans and active duty personnel who are enrolled in an accredited two or four-year college or university program. Full and part-time students who are majoring in one of the following subjects can apply for one of the $2,500 scholarships available from AFCEA:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.4 must be maintained to receive funding. Veterans can apply for this scholarship as freshmen. Active duty personnel are required until their sophomore or junior year to apply.

California State University Northridge: Mike Mahony Marine Corps Veteran’s Scholarship

This scholarship pays a minimum of $2,500 to a Marine Corps veteran who is currently enrolled at or planning to attend CSU Northridge. majoring or planning to major in a business subject. To apply for this merit-based funding, a veteran must provide information indicating his or her potential to perform well in a degree program (standardized test scores, GPA, reports or research conducted by the applicant) and a resume.

The applicant is also asked to submit a personal essay as part of the application process. It should be a maximum of 300 words and explain how an experience during his or her time on active duty influenced his or her outlook and work ethic. Two letters of recommendation must also be submitted with the application materials.

Heart of a Marine Foundation: Lance Corporal Phillip E. Frank Memorial Military Veteran Scholarship

The Lance Corporal Phillip E. Frank Memorial Military Veteran Scholarship awards two scholarships of $1,000 each to a veteran who is going to school as part of his or her return to civilian life. Applicants are asked to write a 500-word personal essay on the topic of how he or she is an example of an ideal Marine: “honor, patriotism, loyalty, respect and concern for others, and character.”

Colonel Richard A. Christie Memorial Fund

The Christie Memorial College Assistance Award pays a monthly stipend of $250 to former enlisted Marine who has been honorably discharged and is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at a college or university as a full-time student. The beneficiary of the stipend can receive funds for up to 40 months and the money can be used for any purpose the recipient chooses.

All the scholarship programs listed here offer financial assistance to Marine Corps veterans who want to obtain a college or university degree. Those who have served with honor can apply for funding to help make the cost of higher education more affordable.