Scholarships for Air Force Veterans

Air Force veterans who have served their country and were honorably discharged can apply for scholarship assistance to help pay for the cost of completing a post-secondary degree. Some programs are available to veterans nationally, while others are offered from specific colleges or universities.

A veteran who is looking for options to help defray the cost of paying for an education program should make a point of considering both types of funding options. Once the former airman or woman knows what type of degree he or she is interested in and has a short list of schools in mind, the next step should be to investigate all funding options offered by those schools. The Financial Aid Office at the school should be able to provide information about available options.

Dr. Aurelio M. Caccomo Family Foundation Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship program provides two, $3,000 scholarships per year to veterans who want to improve their job skills by returning to school. This financial assistance is offered to applicants who can demonstrate financial need who may have exhausted other government sources of education funding.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and must be enrolled or have been accepted to a post-secondary program. Interested veterans are asked to write an essay outlining how the money from the scholarship will help them reach their career goals.

University of Maryland: Robert E. Evasick Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Fund was established by Paul and Charlotte Evasick in memory of Robert. It provides financial assistance to students who are US military veterans with demonstrated financial need. Applicants must also demonstrate career ambitions, as well as community service to be considered.

Thunderbird School of Global Management: J.M. Klein Veteran Scholarship

New and returning students can apply for the J.M. Klein Veteran Scholarship, which is available to applicants with demonstrated financial need and high scholastic achievement. Three awards are made each year. Scholarship recipients must also be involved in extracurricular activities which demonstrate leadership ability. The amount of funding made available to each recipient is based on individual need.

University of Nebraska (Omaha) Wounded Veterans Scholarship Fund

A U.S veteran of any of the Armed Services who was “severely wounded” in combat can apply for a special scholarship to help pay for the cost of pursuing a Bachelor of General Studies degree. The recipient can transfer credits obtained at another accredited college or university and use them toward obtaining the degree.

Recipients of this scholarship can study on a full or part-time basis. Funding is available for classes taken on campus or various off-campus sites. Online courses can also be paid for with scholarship funds.

Air Force veterans who find that their military education benefits don’t fully cover their educational costs are encouraged to apply for scholarships. There are multiple sources of funding available to former airmen and women who have served their country and who want to move on to the next phase in their career.