10 Deadliest Snipers of World War II

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The highly skilled sharpshooters known as snipers (a term that originated in British India to describe hunters able to pick off the elusive “snipe” bird) became vitally important during the Second World War. Fighting on the Eastern Front, the Soviets, in particular, were expert marksmen — and noticeably dominate the following list.

The Soviet Union was the only country that had expressly trained sniper units in the decade leading up to the World War Two, and their superiority (with the obvious exception of the top-ranked sniper on this list) is clearly displayed by the numbers beside the names of its marksmen. Expert sharpshooters such as Vasily Zaytsev — who reputedly killed 225 soldiers during the Battle of Stalingrad — proved beyond all doubt their immense value to their military forces during the war. In the aftermath, their importance was never to be underestimated. [Read more…]

10 Bloodiest Battles of World War II

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From 1939 to 1945, the largest conflict the world has ever known raged on relentlessly. Beginning in Europe, before taking in Asia, Africa, America and the Pacific, World War Two saw over 60 million deaths and countless lives blighted. Bloodshed had never been seen on such a scale before. Even World War I — whose fatalities numbered 35 million — did not witness the same level of sheer destruction, meted out on all sides, throughout the early 1940s. What follows are the bloodiest battles of World War Two — a startling reminder, if one were needed, that war can indeed be hell. [Read more…]

Military Scholarships

While the GI Bill provides educational assistance to members of the military, more money is always useful when attending school, either to cover gaps in tuition or to help with living expenses. Because of this it is useful to look at scholarships and other sources of tuition assistance. You will find that there are many organizations and groups eager to help with the educational expenses of active duty, veteran, and military dependent students. MilitaryEducation.org has put together multiple scholarship resources for both active duty military, veterans, and dependents of military members. Use these lists and apply to every scholarship relevant to help make your, or your dependents, educational journey smoother.

Scholarships For Active Duty Military

Army Scholarships
Navy Scholarships
Air Force Scholarships
Marine Scholarships
Coast Guard Scholarships

Scholarships For Veterans

Air Force Veteran Scholarships
Marine Veteran Scholarships
Coast Guard Veteran Scholarships
National Guard Veteran Scholarships
Army Veteran Scholarships
Navy Veteran Scholarships

Scholarships For Military Dependents

Scholarships for Dependent Children of Air Force Personnel
Scholarships for Dependent Children of Marine Corps Personnel
Coast Guard Scholarships for Dependent Children
National Guard Scholarships for Dependent Children
Scholarships for Dependent Children of US Army Personnel
Scholarships for Dependent Children of US Navy Personnel

Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP) Overview

Educational assistance is available to members of the military, as well as to veterans. The Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP) is designed for members of the Reserve that have been called or ordered to active duty. This is as a result of a response to war or a national emergency as it may have been declared by the President or the Congress. The assistance program falls under the GI Bill.
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The Post 9/11 GI Bill Housing Allowance Benefit


Are you looking for information about the latest installment of the “GI Bill?” Are you ready to enroll in an institution of higher learning? Will you be seeking either an undergraduate or graduate degree? Are you considering a distance learning program? This term GI Bill refers to educational benefits available to individuals who have served in the armed forces of the United States. The benefits are part and parcel of the compensation to members of the voluntary military. The types and amounts of benefits have changed through the years. Changes have been made to meet the needs of each generation of soldiers. A new post 9/11 bill provides benefits for military members who served on active duty after September 10, 2001. The law became effective August 1, 2009. It contains a housing allowance for distance, or online, learners. This new provision recognizes that in the current world of education, not all students attend a traditional class on campus in buildings. It is a new world with many college programs offered entirely online with only minimal contact with the campus. You can earn your college degree with a laptop and hard work. You do not have to pack up and leave home. The expense of finding housing near a campus is no longer a factor. If this scenario fits your situation, then read on for further information.

Time Limits

Like most benefits, time limits exist for claiming the post 9/11 benefits. The basic rule states that benefits must be used within 15 years of the date of discharge. This time limit allows sufficient time to pursue educational programs. Anyone intending to use the benefits needs to set out a plan that meets the time deadlines. Do not let these benefits lapse. They are part of your pay package. Remember that your maximum benefits are for 36 months. Only months when you are actually enrolled in school count towards that limit. If you take the summer or one semester off, those months do not count.
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A Guide To The MyCAA


It’s very difficult to succeed in the modern world without a college degree, and the US government has graciously extended its hand to the spouses of active military personnel. While they’re defending American’s freedoms, their spouses may qualify for a host of benefits that will improve both of their lives once they return.

Who is Eligible?

The first thing to factor in is a service member’s pay grade. Each part of the military has its own system, and spouses of service members that are in the E-1 through E-5, W-1 and W-2, and O-1 and O-2 qualify for financial assistance. All higher pay grades will disqualify them from the MyCAA program.

Spouses that are within the military who are on Title 10 orders don’t qualify for assistance. Likewise, spouses who are legally separated from their partner don’t qualify for benefits. Anyone that’s married to a member of the Coast Guard can’t qualify for benefits, and those who can’t start and complete their courses while their military sponsor is on a Title 10 order won’t get financial help.
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Top 10 Degrees for Military Veterans

Transitioning from military to civilian life is no easy task and choosing the best path to securing career success can be difficult. Today’s veterans are armed with the skills and experiences gained through their service defending the U.S. often choose to advance their education upon leaving active duty. Due to the number of degree options and present employment trends, selecting a field which maximizes employability while establishing a sound educational foundation for future career success is often difficult. To assist in that process, we’ve created a list of the Top 10 Degrees For Military Veterans based upon the fastest growing industries, number of available jobs, and highest salaries. [Read more…]

10 Most Epic Tank Battles in Military History

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The tank is one of the most devastating and adaptable weapons available to an army’s command. Since their initial conception in the early 1900s and first use by the French and British during World War One, the tank has been a constant and powerful symbol of modern warfare. Throughout the 20th century, it has been one of the most potent tools available for an army to call upon and it has seen intense and devastating action. From the late World War Two mayhem of the Battle of the Bulge — which saw over 3,000 tanks take part in fighting — to the 1981 Battle of Dezful between Iran and Iraq, the tank has played a major part in offensives around the world. Join us as we take a look at the 10 most epic tank battles in military history. [Read more…]

Scholarships for Air Force Veterans

Air Force veterans who have served their country and were honorably discharged can apply for scholarship assistance to help pay for the cost of completing a post-secondary degree. Some programs are available to veterans nationally, while others are offered from specific colleges or universities.

A veteran who is looking for options to help defray the cost of paying for an education program should make a point of considering both types of funding options. Once the former airman or woman knows what type of degree he or she is interested in and has a short list of schools in mind, the next step should be to investigate all funding options offered by those schools. The Financial Aid Office at the school should be able to provide information about available options. [Read more…]

Scholarships for Dependent Children of Air Force Personnel

Dependent children of airmen and women can get help to pay for the cost of pursuing a post-secondary degree. Some programs are offered only to dependents of those who were killed or disabled while serving their country, while others are awarded based on the recipient’s personal characteristics or on demonstrated financial need. Scholarship programs are recognizing that not all people going to school pursue their education goals in an on-campus program, and funding for online degree programs is now being offered in some cases.

Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund

Freedom Alliance provides scholarship funds to dependent children (under the age of 26) of Airmen (as well as soldiers, sailors, Marines and Guardsmen) who died or became permanently disabled on an operational mission or in a training accident. Individual awards are made based on the recipient’s demonstrated need and the scholarships may be renewed for up to three years (four years funding in total). The money received under this program may be used toward the following expenses: [Read more…]

Scholarships for Marine Corps Veterans

Former Marines who want to pursue higher education may qualify for scholarship funds from different programs. The GI Bill and other education benefits available to veterans may not be enough to fully cover the cost of obtaining a degree, and scholarships can help to make up the difference.

Marines’ Memorial Scholarship Program

The Marines’ Memorial Scholarship Program is available to active members of the Association. Dependent children and grandchildren of active members are also eligible to apply for this financial aid. Ten scholarships in the amount of $5,000 and 12 scholarships of $2,500 each are offered annually. [Read more…]